Make no mistake, Hip-Hop culture has firmly assimilated itself into the urban landscape of Honolulu, Hawaii - despite the Hawaiian islands’ extreme isolation from the rest of the world. Every facet of the culture has surfaced here and thrives quite well: b-boying, graffiti, MCing and the delicate art of turntablism.

One unmistakable name has provided a unique sound since its foundation in 2006 - the production outfit dubbed Slapp Symphony. Established by James Westbrook, representing Salt Lake, HI and Leti Leti of Oceanside, CA - the music production duo has rightfully nabbed multiple awards for their groundbreaking work in the field.

Their ever-growing discography is a healthy mixture of Hip-Hop, Reggae, R&B and some experimental work thrown in - plus a hint of funk that is sure to keep heads snapping. Now 10 years deep in the game, Slapp Symphony has their heart set on taking over the airwaves and pushing their distinct sound into the fast approaching future. Beware of the Slapp!